Quintrex Renegades

Quintrex has become a relatively popular name in the fishing industry. The brand has launched some of the best boats of all time, and consumers are more than satisfied with their purchases. The most recent and also the most successful series of boats from Quintrex is the Renegade Range. If you have no idea what that is and want to know more about these unique boats, keep reading!

The Renegade Range

The Renegade Range from Quintrex is ideal for sport fishing which explains why it has a huge fan following in that particular industry. Australian enthusiasts who like to enjoy the tides at estuaries and offshore fishos are particularly fond of this watercraft.

So far, the company has launched six incredible models in this series:

  • 420
  • 440
  • 460
  • 490
  • 530
  • 570

Each of these Renegade boats has unique features that make it ideal for certain kinds of drivers and locations. And though all of them are incredible in one way or another, their specifications, highlight features, and accessories vary.


The 420 Renegade has two variations: SC and TS. The latter is more recent with upgraded rod holders and carpeted floors. Other key features are the side pockets, blade hull. casting platform, and extruded side decks.


This one is infamous for how spacious, stable, and fast it is. it comes with luxuriously carpeted floors, fold-down seats, and all the other essentials one wants when they’re going fishing. All the space is enough for the drivers and plenty of fishing gear!


if you are looking for something robust enough to withstand extreme adventures, the 460 Renegade is a great option! It comes with side pockets, a live bait tank, a blade hull, and, of course, carpeted or plywood floors.


For fishermen who hate making an effort before going into the water, the 490 Renegade comes equipped with everything one needs. It is stable, spacious, and comes with various options like vinyl wrap and bass sport seats.


For drivers who like to go on adventures around impounds, rivers, estuaries, and reefs, the 530 Renegade would be a perfect choice. Essentials for the trip are already included and packed inside the boat. so you don’t have to carry much yourself.


The 570 Renegade focuses on safety. It has high sides, 4mm bottom sheets, and 3mm topsides. This one is also the largest among all the other boats in the Renegade range and has an extreme horsepower of 140. Needless to say, it is for the dare devil’s out there!