Core Element’s Summer STEM Institute offers teachers an opportunity to learn techniques and processes that are the key ingredients to improve and motivate STEM learning in a classroom environment.

New this summer!  Core Element will offer a series of content and grade-related workshops for teachers in grades 3-8 to help teachers understand and implement Louisiana’s new Student Science Standards. Sessions will be offered for grade bands 3-5 and 6-8.  Teachers may choose as many workshops as they would like to attend!  

Core Element Summer STEM Institute workshops are free to teachers in the Greater New Orleans region. A $25 refundable fee is required at registration, however the fee is refunded at the completion of each workshop. Teachers from schools outside the region may attend for a nominal charge.

All sessions are 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.  To learn more about Core Element’s Summer STEM Institute, call 504-280-5715 or contact Tracey Zelden at or Michelle Mangum at

June & July, 2018

Utilizing the 5E Instructional Model as a Framework for Science Lesson Design  | Middle School Sessions | 12 Contact Hours Each Session

Utilizing the 5E Instructional Model as a framework for lesson design, teachers will delve into the new Louisiana Student Standards for Science focusing on the practice of science, the 5E Instructional Model, and how to help students develop models to explain scientific phenomena.  Teachers should bring full charged laptops to the session.

Sessions are offered in 3-5 and 6-8 grade corhort. Please choose the appropriate grade cohort(s) and desired content(s) when you register, HERE.

Grades 3-5

Earth  Science | June 21 – 22

Life Science | July 17 – 18

Grades 6-8

Physical Science | June 19 – 20

Earth  Science | July 9 – 10

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June 25 & 26, 2018

LIGO Presents: Magnetic Forces and More –  Physical Science and Inquiry Classroom Activities | Middle School Science Teachers | 12 Contact Hours

Participants will explore magnets, magnetic forces, static charges, and inquiry.  LIGO’s (The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) teacher workshops concentrate on inquiry, science interactives, and the physical sciences. LIGO-Science Education Center staff includes three former teachers who have been trained by San Francisco’s Exploratorium.

Day 2 of the workshop is a field trip to the LIGO Education center in Livingston. 

Completion of this workshop will qualify you for a stipend and priority booking for your class at the LIGO facility as well as financial support for bus transportation for your students to the Livingston, LA LIGO  Science Education Center for an extraordinary hands-on science field trip experience.

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June 27 & 28

LEGO® EV3 Robotics: Grades 4-8 |  Grades 4-8  | 12 Contact Hours | Taught by Drs. Annette Oertling & Michelle Sanchez

Learn how to build and program robots using LEGO bricks and a simple icon-based, drag-and-drop software. This session is specifically designed to introduce a hands-on approach to science, math, technology, and literacy to young learners.

Participants will get instruction and hands-on practice with activities that will show them how to build and program robots using LEGO bricks and the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education Software.

Learn how to engage student teams to research a challenge topic’s obstacles and then suggest ways to improve to solve a challenge. Teams build, test, and program an autonomous robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS® software and the EV3 robot.

Participants will:

  • Design, build, and program a robot using the LEGO® EV3® robots.
  • Explore and see how robotics can be used to promote student interest in STEM subjects.
  • Find available on-line resources to use robotics in classroom and other alternative learning environments.
  • Gain information that will help start or advance an existing FLL Robotics team.
  • Get information, tips and ideas on how to start a robotics team at their school and how to enhance their FLL team competition experiences.

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July 11 & 12, 2018

Easy STEM Integration in the K-5 Elementary Classroom | K-5 | 12 Contact Hours

Not enough time to do science and other STEM content in your busy day? Want to find activities that will help you incorporate STEM topics into your everyday curriculum?

This session will help you to find activities that will integrate STEM concepts into lessons across your curriculum.

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